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R. Jean Reid

The Nell McGraw series is currently in limbo. The publisher decided to end their mystery line entirely and I have not yet found another publisher. I was close to finished with the draft of the 3rd book when this happened, so I'm ever hopefull that it will see the light of day sometime in the future. 

R.Jean Reid's second book is PERDITION out in June, 2017,  and her first book ROOTS OF MURDER was published by Midnight Ink in July, 2016. Reid Currently lives in New Orleans and grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

PERDITION: "Part mystery, part thriller, part social commentary, and all impossible to put down."—Kirkus Reviews

Praise for ROOTS OF MURDER: 

"Reid's exciting debut, filled with action and philosophical musings about the enduring weight of the past, will make you both sad and mad."—Kirkus Reviews 

"Roots of Murder combines a gripping mystery with well-honed literary fiction."—Mystery Scene

R. Jean Reid also writes as J.M. Redmann, author of the award winning Micky Knight series. 

Praise for the Micky Knight (writing as J.M. Redmann) series:


"J.M Redmann is one of the top mystery writers today, bar none."

Greg Herren, author of the Scotty Brandly mysteries


The Intersection of Law and Desire

"Superbly crafted, multi layered . . .  One of the most hard-boiled and complexfemale detectives in print today (Editor's Choice for the year) 

San Francisco Chronicle 


"Fine, hard-boiled tale-telling"

The Washington Post


"Crackling with tension . . . an uncommonly rich book . . . Redmann has the makings of a landmark series" 



Lost Daughters

"Redmann's Micky Knight series just gets better . . . For finely delineated characters, unerring timing and page-turning action, Redmann deserves the widest  possible audience."  

Booklist, starred review 

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