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The Nell McGraw series, published by Midnight Ink


What happens when a killer who can’t be caught threatens to kill your children next?

A town and a mother are forced to confront their worst fears in this hair-raising suspense novel from the author of Roots of Murder.

Newly widowed mother Nell McGraw struggles with her outsider status as she runs the newspaper founded by her husband’s grandfather. But a paper can’t turn away from the stories that others ignore, like the body of a child found in the Gulf. At first it seems tragic, a child lost because of carelessness.

Then another child goes missing.

Disgusted by the turf war between the sheriff and the police chief, Nell barely manages to keep her journalistic distance . . . until the killer contacts her, telling her that her children could be next. Now Nell must match wits with a psychopath who taunts her, daring her and the police to catch him before he can kill again.


Blinding headlights, the scream of metal on metal. Nell McGraw’s life is shattered. A widow at an early age, Nell has just returned to work at the Pelican Bay Crier, her first steps alone in the world she created with her husband Thom—in his Mississippi hometown at the newspaper his grandfather founded. She must care for her grieving children; handle the mother-in-law who never thought Nell was good enough. And cover the biggest story of her life—one that reaches into a past of violence and brutality. Hate erupts again when Nell threatens to put on the front page secrets meant to be buried forever. Secrets that were killed for and as Nell gets closer, murder doesn’t remain safely buried.    

Writing as J.M. Redmann
The Intersection of Law and Desire


IIt is fall in the steamy underworld of New Orleans, the seasons are changing, and so is tough detective Micky Knight's life. Micky takes on the case of the daughter of a friend, who is believed to be sexually abused, not knowing that the investigation will lead her on a dangerous sexual odyssey. In Cissy's sleepless nights, Micky sees echoes of her own past, and she becomes caught up in a world where young girls are treated as commodities. While doing battle with seedy thugs and struggling to hold on to her rocky relationship with Dr. Cordelia James, Micky travels between the uptown opulence of the Sans Parel Club, one of New Orleans's exclusive private clubs, and a tawdry hole of a bar near the Desire Projects. Evil exists in both places, and the mystery culminates where law and desire intersect. Reprint The Lambda Literary Award winning Third Micky Knight Mystery.


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